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How to get the help

     You can send E-mail to me consult any question or call me to consult , I will try my best to help you , answer your any question..Many  foreign patients have gotten  help from me. and have recovered by my green therapy. Send E-mail is the best method, but if you can't get the answer in 2 days, it must be your E-mail box problem, please use another E-mail box to send to me. Please tell me where are you from at the E-mail.

    If you want to order the treatment from me, you can go to ALIEXPRESS( to buy on line, my store on the aliexpress is


the whole green therapy treatment products link is (involve all the product, bee products, chinese herb medicine, prostate rehabilitator, ointment, basin herb medicine,etc):

if you want to buy the prostate rehabilitator, you can buy the follow link on line:

you can remit via credit card, the money only arrive aliexpress account, I can get your money, after I post the treatment to you, and you have received the  treatment parcel, so you are satisfied it and confirm it online that you have received it, so I can get your remittance from aliexpress, so it can sure you  can received the treatment and satisfied it. Remember the price is post to USA and European country, if you want me post to  other country, teh postatge is cheaper or more expensive, please tell me where are you from,s o I can calculate the postage for you .




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