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 The comparison of different of kinds of chronic prostatitis             treatment
 1.Antibiotic treatment
     The prostate's surface is surrounded by a fat encircle. It is a barrier for medicine to permeate the prostate . So most of the antibiotic can't crack this barrier to reach high concentration. Pathogenic bacteria easily adapt themselves to the antibiotic, and resist the antibiotic . At the same time, the antibiotic kills your body's useful germs, lowering your resistance to disease and making it more difficult for treatment.
 2. Injecting antibiotics or Herba Andrographitis injection liquid into prostate directly.
     The injection of antibiotics into the prostate method has been refused by many doctors and patients. Injection directly into the prostate can cause
damage to the tissue, including hyperplasta and scclerom , making it will More difficult for recovery.
 3.Acupuncture point injection 
   Acupoint injection normally inject pass head acupoint, perineum acupoint, and seminal vesicle. You can use creat or cordate houttuynia chinese medicine preparation to inject, because germs can't resist the Chinese medicine. THE Injection can temporarily relax the symptoms, but the consistency  can't be maintained in the prostate. if the patient was injected everyday, they will suffer more pain and injectionS can't continue for more than 20 days.

4.Double barrelled conduit conveys medical liquid to the prostate through the urethra. The method easily damages the urethra if too many treatments are given. Additionally, prostatitis may cause cystitis, orchitis, urethritis, seminal vesicle infection, etc. This method ignores treatment of all of the urinary tract organs which are typically impacted by prostatitis. 

5.Radio frequency and microwave therapeutic apparatus are now obsolete, while. Infrared ray therapeutic apparatus is prevalent in today's practice. The method is to put a probe into the anus to radiate the prostate. There is no side effect, but is expensive and take many treatments to recover. The treatment should also be accompanied by Chinese herbal medicine to facilitate recovery.

6.Using only one Chinese medicine prescription is typically not enough for a lasting cure. The advertising said that use black spider, dragonfly, etc combat poison with poison. It has great side effect and I have tried it ,it was useless.
7.Antibiotics, which dissolve in fat and antibiotic which will not be adapted by germs.
      Antibiotic which dissolve in fat isn't easy to permeate prostate too, and it has great side effect. Up to now ,medical science haven't declare that they have invented antibiotic which will not be adapted by germs. You only was cheated by medical advertisement.  In the advertising
,  "the gene treatment ", "the biology missile " is illusive advertising word. The nano medicine  have not grown up, there are no prostatitis patients can be cured by nano medicine now.

8. Squeezing a suppository in your anus to cure prostatitis.     (Eg: mother chrysanthemum suppository, prostate suppository.) These suppository consist OF chemical molecules. For the first few days, it is effective. But the chemical big molecules are easy to permeate prostate through intestines. So only after a few day , you will feel the prostate is more retarded by silt. It will be more difficult to recover And this method doesn't cure the whole urinary organs infection. To cure prostatitis, Draining the prostate' waste material is necessary. Eg: toxin which produce by infection ,the corpse of white blood cell.) So for 5 to 10 days, draining seminal fluid is necessary. But you can't drain too frequently, as you will lose fundamental substances which maintains the functioning of the body.

 9.The prostatitis green therapy is my seven years experience , synthesize, sieving, undergone, creativeness. 
There is not side effect, it is safe, high effect. It can cure prostatitis (involve germs infection and without germs) , BPH,  urinary organs infection (involve urethritis,  orchitis, seminal vesicle infection, scrotum infection and cystitis, etc.) 

   The seven parts of method, supplement each other, each has its own strong points. Natural bee product treatment, Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, physiotherapy, acupoint therapy, inside and outside body integrate, whole body and body point cure at the same time, there is no side effect. After you drink the Chinese medicine, you will feel very comfortable. The ointment can permeate and kill germs, but it will not be absorbed by patient's intestines and stomach, so it reduce the side effect greatly. You can feel more better every day, and your constitution strengthen. From quantitative change to qualitative change. Except you have other serious disease, (such as serious hepatitis, nephritis, cancer.) and lead to bad resistance to disease, I can say that there are no prostatitis patients can't recover. 

   The germs can't adapt Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine prescription can cure all kinds of bacterial infection. There is no side effect, so we call it " green therapy" 

      Boil the Chinese medicine, wait it low to 50 centigrade degree , pore it into a basin, and sit in the basin, so the Chinese medicine liquid can kill the germs in urethra, scrotum ,accelerate the prostate blood circulation. The medical liquid permeate prostate, kill some germs directly and it will not cause silt up. 

     Plasters were applied to the main acupoint of curing prostatitis. The plaster can effect to prostate all the day, it is permeate through the skin cuticle, only small molecule can permeate, so it will not cause deposit. 

      Practising QiGong ( a system of deep breathing exercise) can enhance the permeating effectiveness. The medical consistency can achieve enough high in prostate. The consistency can be stable. The plaster's effectiveness involve (1) Draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part . (2) Block toxin circulate. (3) Promote prostate blood circulation. (4) Kill the germs in prostate and all urinary organs. Especially the bladder is under pass head and prostate's main and collateral channels connect to pass head acupoint directly. So the pass head reflection is great. And the life gate acupoint is corresponding to the whole urinary organs. Wherever the disease accumulate in prostate point, the plaster can draw it out. Wherever the disease pass through ,the plaster can cut it off. Wherever the stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, dredging it can make vital energy and blood circulation unobstructed. Free circulation of the blood will not be pain. The plaster not only can kill germs, but also can reduce the hypertrophy of prostatoes. It treat prostatitis by looking into both it's root cause and symptoms. 

       After you applied the plaster four days, the acupoint skin which you applied appear itch, red and swollen, raising blisters symptom. They are special herb medicine reflection, the reflection is more clear, the effect is more better. It can draw out pus from prostate and bladder. The pass head acupoint's reflection is clearer than the life gate acupoint. If the skin damage, you have to stop applying plaster for one or two days, wait the skin recover, and continue to apply plaster again. It never cause the skin infection. 

       The Qi Gong which I teach you to practise is very suit prostatitis patients recovered. It's curative effect is marked . The Qi Gong through enriching vital energy, removing sick energy, lashing the prostate, repair the injured tissue of prostate enhance the Chinese medicine absorption and permeating. This kinds of Qi Gong is easy to study an practice. When you have practiced skilled. You can practice while you walk or enjoy music. There are no side effect and you can achieve good result quickly. 

   The prostate rehabilitator generates a kinds of high frequency wave to perineum. It can stimulate immunity, promote prostate capillary blood circulation, improve the prostate deposit condition. It is great effect to prostatitis without germs and prostate enlarged. It is a supplementary treatment for germs infection prostatitis that prostates have turned into big and hard.

   The royal jelly powder effect to prostate too. It can build up your resistance to disease. Improve prostate tissue. The propolis is natural antibiotic. It is very useful to prostatitis patient recovered. Bee pollen is generally acknowledged the natural food to cure prostatitis. 

    You must obey the rule that stop eating some hot food, some tonic, all the sea food, mush room, etc. Because Chinese medicine and food have the same nature or character. Such as you eat sea food or drink wine for once, the treatment course will be prolong at least twenty days. 

    If you have any question or need to help. Please contact with me. Send me an E-mail or phone to me .It my pleasure to help you to cure prostatitis . 


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