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The prostate  texture problem--- BPH,  Prostate calcification,  prostate stone


The BPH usually occurs in 70% of men aged over 50 years, the proportion of BPH patients is more along with age growed up. The cause of BPH is main the imbalance of internal secretion, which make back of the urethra prolong and bend, the exit of the bladder is drived up, results in dysuria, infection, stones, even retention of urine, cancer. The operation can't make the BPH disappear thoroughly. To many patients, the hyperplastic prostate don’t stop growing, and don’t cut the proatate completely in operation, and some old man are inoperable because of bad health or serious heart disease, atelectasis, serious kidney disease and so on. If Chinese medicines can make the hyperplastic prostate reduce without operation, it will be the first choice to cure the BPH.  My prostatitis green therapy can repair the prostate texture, cure BPH easily.

      Prostate calcification (fibrosis) is the result of the prostate inflammation,which is also the sign of stone. And the "prostate stone" is often accompanied with the "chronic prostatitis",which can be seen through the B ultrasonic equipment. With the special prostate configuration, it's commonly hard to deal with the "prostate stone". It is easy to grow bacillus on the calcification or stones,  My prostatitis green therapy can eliminatethe stone, repair Prostate calcification , cure BPH. Practising Qigong can repair the prostate texture, bee  products can provide the nutrition for prostate recover, the chinese  herb medicine can stimulate the prostate blood circulation, the prostate rehabilitator can stimulate the prostate micro blood circulation, release the prostate pain at once.

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